Frequently Asked Questions

1. What counties in New York do you service?
We provide floor care cleaning services in Monroe County NY, Wayne County NY, Ontario County NY, Livingston County NY, Orleans County NY, Genesee County NY. 

2. Is Floor Care Management insured?
Yes, we carry full insurance. We can have a certificate mailed to you directly from our insurance company. 

3. What are your payment options?
Net Terms/Company Credit and Credit Card. 

4. I received 3 estimates and they are very far apart in price, why is that?
Every floor care company is different, they are not all selling the same work to you. The cheapest company is usually giving you a "get my foot in the door" price which ends up not being the best price after they tell you what's not included, if you are lucky you will find out before they are done! We offer prices in the middle to higher end of the spectrum. Our prices usually include a very complete job, with high end materials and no surprises or bait and switch tactics.  We offer incredible value for your money.

5. What wax (sealer/finish) do you use?
After we remove your floor's old sealer and finish, we reseal it with a high-quality all in one sealer and finish. This sealer and glossy finish will extend the wear of your floor, reduce scuff marks and scratches and guard against soil penetration and abrasion.

Floor Care Tips

1. After a floor has been stripped and finished, it's best to allow 24 hours of cure time before laying down any area rugs or floor mats.

2. Dragging any items across newly finished floors is not recommended. The fresh finish is likely to be damaged.

3. Hair dye and nail polish will stain the finish on your floor that can only be repaired by an additional strip and wax process. If such a spill is to occur, quickly dab the liquid with an absorbent cloth with out smearing or smudging the affected area.

4. Avoid cleaning any finished floor surface with dish soap. Dish soap will dull the finish, creating a haze that will remain until the next strip and wax.

5. If you have office chairs on your finished floors, we recommend the use of floor protecting mats under them. Wheels on office chairs can do a considerable amount of damage to the finish over time.